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LMZQ-1200 Grantry stone cutter

LMZQ-1200 Grantry stone cutter

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    Sawing and Cutting Machinery
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    Machinery & Equipment
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  • Detailed Product Description
    LMZQ-1200 Gantry stone cutter
    1.Saw blade can be rotated 90 degrees
    2.Head can move up and down,and also along the crossbeam..
    1. LMZQ-1200 Gantry stone cutter is a medium-size cutting machine specially designed according the market demand.
    2. LMZQ-1200 Gantry stone cutter has the features of handsome appearance, reasonable structure, easy installation and operation, high accuracy of cutting dimension, high efficiency, etc.
    3. LMZQ-1200 Gantry stone cutter is an ideal cutting machine for curb stone and block stone.
    4. Cutting theory & advantageous: the machine performs the rip cutting with the forward and backward movement of the loop wheel machine.
    5. then the cutting disc of LMZQ-1200 Gantry stone cutter can be rotated 90 degrees directly together with the cutter frame, and perform cross cutting through the mechanical drive of the beam.
    max.blade diameter ?1200mm total power 22.6kw
    main motor power 18.5kw outer size(L ×W× H) 5000mm× 3000mm× 2800mm
    max. route of lift 1050mm total weight ≈4500kg
    max.processing size 3000mm× 1500mm× 500mm
Minlong Stone Machine Co.,Ltd
Minlong Stone Machine Co.,Ltd